Application Procedures

Admission Procedures for all the International Applicants

  1. First, obtain an application form at the Admissions Center.
  2. Next, be sure to check the deadlines and requirements.
  3. Pay the entrance examination fees. The fees cannot be waived or refunded; however, we will give a refund (13,000 yen) to the Applicants of the Faculty of Medicine who cannot take the second examination.
  4. Apply by postal mail. You need to send your paper application and all required admission materials in a prescribed envelope to the address listed below. Incomplete applications cannot be processed.
    Mailing Address
    Saga University Admissions Center
    1 Honjo-machi, Saga- shi, Saga,
    840-8502, JAPAN
  5. Once we receive your application, we will then send you an admission ticket for the exam. The applicants must take the exam on the specified day at Saga University.
  6. Entrance examination
  7. Selected applicants will receive a letter of acceptance. We also announce the test results on our website.
  8. Enroll in Saga University.

  • International students should begin their application process one year before intended enrollment.
  • We don’t send application form to overseas.

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